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5 Surfaces That Can Be Pressure Washed

5 Surfaces That Can Be Pressure Washed

Pressure washing is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool that can be used to tackle a wide range of surfaces and items. While many people think of pressure washing as a way to clean outdoor surfaces like driveways and decks, there are actually several surprising things you might not realize you can pressure wash. Here are five surprising things you didn't know you could pressure wash.

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Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is often exposed to the elements, which can leave it looking dingy and dirty. But regular pressure washing can quickly and easily restore the look of your furniture. Whether you have plastic, wood, or metal furniture, a gentle pressure washing can blast away dirt and grime, leaving your furniture looking like new.

Sports Equipment

If you have kids who play sports, you know how quickly their equipment can become dirty and smelly. But you don't have to throw out that stinky gear just yet! A pressure washer can effectively clean sports equipment like helmets, pads, and cleats, removing dirt, sweat, and other grime. This not only helps keep the equipment in good condition, but it can also help prevent the spread of bacteria and odors.


Kids' toys are notorious for getting dirty and grimy, and they can be tough to clean by hand. But pressure washing can quickly blast away dirt and grime from toys like outdoor play sets, slides, and even plastic playhouses. This not only helps keep the toys looking new, but it can also help prevent the spread of germs.


Gutter cleaning is a tedious and sometimes dangerous chore, but pressure washing can make it a breeze. A pressure washer can quickly and easily blast away leaves, dirt, and debris from gutters, ensuring that they are functioning properly and preventing damage to your home.


Pressure washing isn't just for your home's exterior - it can also be used to clean your vehicles. A pressure washer can blast away dirt and grime from cars, trucks, and even boats, leaving them looking shiny and new. Just be sure to use the appropriate pressure and cleaning agents to avoid damaging the vehicle's paint or finish.

While pressure washing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cleaning these items, it can be a surprisingly effective and efficient way to keep them looking their best. Whether you have outdoor furniture, sports equipment, or kids' toys that need cleaning, or you want to make gutter cleaning and vehicle washing a breeze, pressure washing is a tool that can get the job done quickly and easily.

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